How do I obtain travel and medical insurance for the Schengen Area with a pre-existing medical condition ?


What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is any sickness, disease, or medical condition requiring medical treatment which was known by the insured party and diagnosed before they purchased their travel insurance. You need to disclose these to your insurer before taking out your policy as they may affect your premium. Failing to disclose this information may mean you are unable to make a claim.

This could be any disease or medical condition and can range from minor health problems, such as high blood pressure, or any ailment for which you take prescribed medication, to more serious conditions, such as cancer.

This also includes conditions you have been diagnosed with - even if they are so mild you forget about them yourself and live without problems.

You also need to tell us about any injuries or surgical procedures you’ve had in the past - even if they no longer affect you. Plus, you will need to mention any forthcoming tests and investigations or a medical condition for which you know will need treatment but is not currently being treated.

Should I worry about not getting Schengen Visa insurance if I have a pre-existing condition?

No. Unless you have been told by a doctor explicitly to avoid travel, then you should be able to take out a policy that will cover your needs - but you do need to disclose your condition as failing to do so will invalidate your insurance claim.

What if I develop a pre-existing condition after taking out my insurance policy?

If you currently have a policy but are later diagnosed with a medical problem that would count as a pre-existing condition, you must inform your insurer immediately. Insurers need to know about any condition you have in order to price your cover. If you have a condition they do not know about, it will not be covered during your trip, and illness or injury caused by it will likely result in you having to foot your own medical bills.

If you are diagnosed with a condition you did not know you had during your trip, then this will not affect your claim - providing you were unaware and had no previous knowledge or treatment before you traveled. However, if your condition is unconfirmed and you have had tests that are yet to be confirmed but you have received treatment for the condition before traveling, you will need to declare this. If you had tests and/or scans investigating a condition and these came back negative then you have nothing to declare.

What medical and travel insurance policies do AXA offer when traveling to the Schengen Area?

Our cheapest option is the Low Cost Schengen Area travel insurance that meets your visa requirements from as little as €0.99 per day - a fee that will cover you for medical expenses up to €30,000 in all Schengen countries. A certificate proving you are insured will be available immediately, meaning you can get on with your application.

Other coverage available includes our Europe Travel insurance, costing from €1.50 per day, or Schengen Multi Trip insurance, which is perfect for regular travelers and available for €298 for a year’s coverage. These offer greater warranties and fewer limits on claims, meaning they can provide coverage for children under 18 and cover medical expenses up to €100,000 as well as the transportation of medicines, lost documents, or the need for a loved one to travel to meet you should you fall ill, among many other benefits. Pre-existing conditions mean these prices may vary from the base price offered here - but many conditions are covered at no extra charge.

How do I declare pre-existing medical conditions?

When you take out your AXA insurance you will be able to fill in an online form declaring any pre-existing medical conditions, with a drop-down menu allowing you to declare anything you feel you need to state. Our advanced online medical screening enables you to declare your condition quickly and confidentially without having to call, and by answering a few simple questions, you should be able to get a tailored quote in minutes.

Frequently asked questions about pre-existing conditions and medical and travel insurance

Is pregnancy a pre-existing condition?

Pregnancy is not classed as a pre-existing condition, providing there are not any other complications.

Does AXA’s Schengen insurance cover medical fees related to COVID-19?

Yes, AXA will cover your medical fees related to the coronavirus as long as you have respected medical advice and the travel recommendations provided by official health authorities.

If I have depression or a mental health disorder do I need to declare it?

Any diagnosed medical condition, including psychological ones, will need to be declared on the policy to ensure that you are fully covered when you travel.