The Schengen travel insurance 

AXA Schengen is a travel insurance that allows you to get your Schengen visa from any consulate or embassy. AXA Schengen is:

  • simple: buying it is fast and price depends only from length of stay,
  • a travel insurance for everyone at the same price: any age, any nationality,
  • a medical assistance by phone available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

AXA Schengen offers three travel insurance coverages:

Schengen Low Cost


Schengen Low Cost
- from 0,99 EUR/day

Travel insurance, which enables to get a Schengen visa.

Schengen Europe Travel


Schengen Europe Travel
- from 1,69 EUR/day

Travel insurance , which covers the Schengen area and Europe, and up to 100.000 €.

Schengen Multi Trip


Schengen Multi Trip
- for 298 EUR/year

Travel insurance for frequent travellers and businessmen, which covers the Schengen area and Europe, and up to 100.000 €. Maximum per stay: 90 consecutive calendar days

Accepted mean of payment :

AXA Schengen takes security of payments very seriously. We selected means of payment that provide a maximum of security for our customers.

The Schengen agreements

The Schengen agreements came into force on 25 March 2001.
According to those agreements, if one of the Schengen signatory countries controls entry to the Schengen area, there are no further formalities at its borders with other Member States.

Thus, if the purpose of the visit is tourism or business and if its duration is no more than 90 days in the Schengen area, the benefits of the Schengen agreements apply.

That means you only need one visa for all the countries in the Schengen area.
For those people who need a visa, travel insurance covering repatriation and medical expenses is compulsory.

Assistance and repatriation insurance

Extract from “Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009”, which entered in force on April 5 of 2010:

Travel medical insurance

“… Applicants for a uniform visa for one or two entries shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death, during their stay(s) on the territory of the Member States.

   The insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30,000 (...)

With AXA Assistance it couldn't be easier – you can take out your Schengen travel insurance policy right here, in just a few clicks.

Attention! Although most of the Schengen countries are in the European Union, you should not confuse the Schengen area with the EU.