What is the cost of Schengen Visa insurance?

Details on the cost of Schengen Visa insurance

When contemplating travel insurance, one of the first things you will want to know is how much it will cost to get a policy that enables you to meet all of the minimum requirements needed to get your Schengen Visa application approved.

Below are basic details on the policies AXA offers, and lowest pricing, as well as a table showing you the average cost of a policy for customers.

Low Cost

For those on a tighter budget or who want basic coverage, AXA provides Low Cost Schengen Area travel insurance that meets your visa requirements from as little as €22 per week. The policy will cover you for medical expenses up to €30,000 in all Schengen countries and offer you coverage in case of repatriation. A certificate proving you are insured will be available immediately, meaning you can get on with your application.

Europe Travel

As the number one brand for Schengen Visa travel insurance, AXA also offers other options and tailor-made products. For instance, there’s the Europe Travel insurance, costing €33 per week. It’s perfect for those planning more adventurous activities during their trip, as it covers expenses up to €100,000. With this type of policy, you may also be covered for loss of documents or important items, as well as other problems you might encounter.

AXA Schengen Low Cost

Length of stay (days) 1 to 8 9 to 16 17 to 24 25 to 31 32 to 45 46 to 62 63 to 90 91 to 105 180
Price per person (euros) €22 €40 €53 €62 €72 €80 €98 €121 €185

AXA Schengen Europe Travel

Length of stay (days) 1 to 8 9 to 16 17 to 24 25 to 31 32 to 45 46 to 62 63 to 90 91 to 105 180
Price per person (euros) €33 €61 €81 €97 €113 €129 €167 €194 €298

AXA Schengen Multi Trip

Schengen Multi Trip insurance, perfect for regular travelers, is available for €328 for a year’s coverage and has the same benefits as Europe Travel but can be used throughout a year on multiple trips. It’s perfect for business travelers who need comprehensive coverage to ensure their trips aren’t disrupted by any mishaps.

Our comprehensive AXA Schengen Multi Trip coverage costs just €328 for one year.

This premium covers trips to Schengen Area countries lasting up to 90 consecutive days, and you can travel as often as you would like within the year you are covered for - as long as each trip does not last more than 90 consecutive days.

For example, if you took out Multi Trip annual insurance in January, it would cover you for an 80-day trip to France, beginning that month, then a new 20-day visit to Germany in June, and still be valid for another 20-day trip to another Schengen country in December.

Prices do not change according to age and include all taxes and all costs - so there are no nasty surprises - what you see here is what you pay!


AXA also offers other Schengen Visa compliant insurance policies for travel in Europe, including a low-cost option, priced at as little as €22 per week of your trip, that will meet the minimum requirements needed to obtain a Schengen Visa , and our Europe Travel insurance, which costs €33 per week. Both our Multi Trip and Europe Travel cover medical expenses up to €100,000, while our low-cost option covers expenses up to €30,000. AXA travel insurance policies are accepted in all embassies and consulates of Schengen Area countries. At AXA, we take payment security for our customers very seriously.

Do you cover emergency medical costs related to Coronavirus? 

We will cover your medical costs related to Coronavirus provided you haven't travelled against World Health Organisation or any other government body’s advice in your home country or the country you are travelling to) or medical advice.


The embassy states that I must get an insurance certificate with Covid protection. Is this possible?

All issued electronic certificates purchased on the AXA Schengen site include this disclaimer: “Medical fees related to COVID-19 are covered in the terms, conditions & exclusions established in the insurance policy”.

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Frequently asked questions about the cost of travel insurance

Accepted means of payment : 

Do I need to declare any pre-existing conditions when taking out travel insurance?

Yes. And AXA has made it easy for you to do so by answering a few quick and confidential questions during the quote process. This means we should be able to make an offer that covers the conditions you have declared. Claims relating to undeclared conditions will not be covered.

Will my travel insurance fees be refunded if my visa is refused?

Yes. If your visa is refused AXA will refund your insurance fees but you will need documentation from officials.

Are there any additional excess costs if I need to claim on my insurance?

There are no excess costs with any of our three main policies for claims covered by your insurance. However you should check the details of your policy to ensure you are covered.