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Travel Insurance

Schengen travel insurance: all the warranties and cover for your safety. So you can travel with total peace of mind, it is important to take certain safety measures, in particular concerning the cover of risks which can arise during a trip abroad.

If your destination is France or one of the countries in the Schengen area, then you should know that a Schengen travel insurance policy will be of great use to you. Furthermore, if you are planning to visit two or more countries belonging to this area, taking out this type of insurance is an obligation. In fact it will help you to obtain your Schengen visa.

Insurance assistance and repatriation

According to the provisions of the Schengen agreements, a Schengen travel insurance policy must cover emergency medical and hospitalisation costs, medical assistance and transport, as well as repatriation if the situation so requires. The insurance must, in particular, be valid throughout the entire duration of your stay, whatever the reason for this (personal, tourism or business). However, the duration of this trip must not exceed 90 days.

Providing cover starting from a minimum of €30,000, this insurance policy is valid for all travel undertaken within the different countries that are members of the Schengen area..

Your warranties and cover with AXA Schengen insurance

Do you need insurance for your visit to Europe? Subscribe for cover with AXA Assistance. With its position as a global leader in the travel assistance and insurance sector, AXA Schengen offers you all the necessary cover and warranties for your trip.

Meeting all the requirements of the European Union, the Schengen travel insurance offered by AXA Assistance is valid for obtaining a Schengen visa. In particular, you have the choice between three levels of cover:

Low Cost insurance: medical travel insurance guaranteeing assistance and cover for medical expenses and repatriation of the policyholder.
Europe Travel insurance: for extended insurance to all the countries in the European Union. This insurance also covers medical expenses, repatriation and assistance.
Multi Trip insurance: the ideal cover for all those who are frequent travellers to countries within the Schengen area or the European Union. It includes assistance, medical cover, as well as repatriation.
For a peaceful and successful trip, subscribe to insurance with AXA Assistance and take advantage of our competitive prices.