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Trips abroad: travel with total peace of mind thanks to Schengen travel insurance cover

The unexpected can happen at any time during foreign travel. Since no one is immune from illness or accidents, it's always prudent to take out a travel insurance policy before departing. Whether you're going on a business or tourist trip, it's wise to take out a Schengen travel insurance policy.

The advantages of a Schengen travel insurance policy

Without a travel insurance policy, it will be difficult or even impossible to benefit from illness or accident management during a trip abroad. Indeed, in several countries, if a foreign national is not insured, this means that they will not be able to meet the cost of their care. In addition, they will not have access to the care that they need. This is a dire situation to end up in, especially if the illness or accident is fairly serious.

Taking out a travel insurance policy is a great idea, but taking out a good travel insurance policy is even better! It is for this reason that thousands of people choose Schengen travel insurance every year. Valid in all countries in the Schengen area (Germany, France, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, etc.), this insurance covers:

Medical expenses This means that the costs related to any illnesses that may occur during the trip will be taken care of. Furthermore, even in the event of an emergency hospitalisation, the policyholder is always taken care of. This avoids you having to pay up front, which is generally prohibitive.
Repatriation. If the condition of the policyholder is critical, and when it is impossible to access adequate care, the doctor could decide on repatriation. In this case, it is possible to benefit from this service.

Schengen travel insurance with AXA Assistance

A pioneer in the travel insurance sector, AXA Assistance offers Schengen travel insurance at competitive prices.  Whatever the duration of your trip, or your expectations in terms of cover, as well as your age or nationality, AXA Assistance knows how to meet your needs! So you can travel with total peace of mind! Depending on your needs, you can opt for Schengen Low Cost, Schengen Europe Travel or even Schengen Multi Trip.