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The valid travel insurance policy for obtaining a Schengen visa

If you are a foreign national and you want to enter the Schengen area, you could be asked for a visa. The Schengen visa enables you to enter and to freely travel around the territories of the countries that are members of this area for a trip duration of not more than 90 days.

However, in order to obtain this visa, certain conditions have to be met. One of the most important includes having a valid passport and taking out an insurance policy beforehand.

Which travel insurance should you take out for obtaining your Schengen visa?

Travel insurance for a Schengen visa must include medical assistance insurance, as well as medical treatment and repatriation cover. Its duration of validity corresponds exactly to that of the trip. Furthermore, this insurance must cover €30,000 at a minimum for medical, emergency hospitalisation or repatriation expenses resulting from illness or an accident having occurred during your trip.

Subscribing to travel insurance for a Schengen visa is mainly done through an approved insurance company which can guarantee the warranties and cover necessary for a trip to one or more countries in the Schengen area.

The warranties and cover offered by AXA Assistance

In order to obtain your visa for entry to the Schengen area, AXA Assistance offers your its warranties and cover presented under three different levels of cover: Low Cost, Europe Travel and Multi Trip. As one of the global leaders in the area of assistance and travel insurance, this company has already proven its effectiveness and is able to offer you optimum protection.

AXA Schengen insurance policies mainly respond to all the rules that must be adhered to for obtaining a Schengen visa. AXA Schengen travel insurance covers you for a range of medical expenses, repatriation, as well as the necessary assistance throughout the entire duration of your stay within the Schengen area. Furthermore, the company has a very advantageous pricing policy and completely secure payment method. What's more, the subscription process is very simple and can be done online.

By taking out a policy with AXA Assistance, you are fully insured against all risks and can enjoy your trip with total peace of mind.