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Travelling in a Schengen country: what you need to know

Are you planning to travel to a Schengen country? What you need to know about obtaining a Schengen visa. This concerns an administrative authorisation offering you the possibility of travelling in total freedom within the territories and borders of the countries that are members of this area. However, the trip duration should not exceed 90 days and in order to obtain a Schengen visa, you must have taken out a Schengen insurance policy beforehand.

Which travel insurance is valid for moving around within a Schengen country?

In order for a travel insurance policy to enable you entry and free circulation in countries within the Schengen area, it must conform with the European directive. These instructions stipulate that the travel insurance must be adequate and valid, in the sense that it must guarantee against possible medical, assistance and repatriation expenses for the policyholder, in the event in which the latter succumbs to an illness or an accident during their stay in the Schengen country.

Indeed, a travel insurance policy in a Schengen country shall remain valid throughout the policyholder's entire trip and must cover up to €30,000 at a minimum. In order to subscribe to this insurance, please go to AXA Assistance.

Your benefits with AXA Schengen travel insurance

Do you wish to subscribe to travel insurance for the Schengen countries? AXA Assistance offers you the best solution. Its warranties enable you to benefit from both assistance insurance, medical cover and the costs of repatriation, should your condition so require. Furthermore, thanks to its conformity with the requirements of the European Union, AXA Schengen insurance policies offer you the possibility of obtaining your Schengen visa.

With AXA Assistance you can choose the solution that suits you with the three levels of cover that it offers:

Low Cost, which covers a range of medical expenses, emergency hospitalisation and repatriation up to a maximum of  €30,000;
Europe Travel, in order to benefit from all the Schengen guarantees and cover for travel within all the countries of the European Union.
Multi Trip, maximum cover and protection for frequent travellers in Schengen countries or those of the European Union.