You are planning to stay longer in France : what you need to know about home insurance in the country

Whatever the reason, you are planning to stay longer in France than you previously imagined. You will may have to take care to adjust some administrative formalities according to the situation. It will surely involve to adapt your accommodation and the contracts attached to it, such as the insurance contract.

Is it mandatory to subscribe a house insurance contract in France ?

Regarding insurances, the French law provides different measures, according if you are renting a flat or house, or if you are the owner. We explain you.

  • What the law says about for tenants

French law makes it obligatory for tenants to subscribe to an insurance for any rented apartment. As mentioned on, the home insurance allows them to be protected in case of disaster occurring in the housing during the rental period. If the tenant refuses to take out a home insurance policy, the landlord is entitled to take one in his place. However, it is not in the tenant's interest because the owner can increase the monthly amount of the home insurance by a maximum of 10% as compensation for the steps he will have to take in place of his tenant. He will therefore add the price of the insurance to the monthly rent. Better then for the tenant to subscribe the contract himself. He can choose it and this allows him to pay less.

  • What the law says about owners

It is not legally mandatory for flat or houses owners to subscribe to a home insurance policy. However, it is strongly recommended to them. In case of damage (fire, theft, burglary, vandalism, water damage, etc.), the home insurance allows them to cover the costs.

On the other hand, it is legally obligatory for owners who have purchased a flat in a joint property to have it insured.

Choosing the house insurance contract : what there is to know

Before choosing your home insurance policy, it is essential to take stock of your protection needs and asking you some relevant questions :

  • How big is the flat or house I want to insure ?
  • What is the value of the capital to be insured ?
  • Where is located the accommodation ?
  • Which type of neighborhood surrounds my home ?
  • Am I the tenant or the owner ?
  • Is there a video surveillance and alarm system?
  • It will be necessary to take into account all the characteristics of housing.

Also, it will be necessary to be very vigilant with the terms provided for in the insurance contract.

  • What are the guarantees?
  • What are the elements covered in case of damage?
  • Does the contract provide a 24/7 helpdesk and a help desk?
  • What are the exclusions, elements for which the insurance is not valid, provided for in the contract?

By Alexiane Turcant