Where can I get my Schengen travel insurance certificate?

How do I get a certificate showing I have travel insurance when applying for a Schengen Visa?

When applying for a Schengen Visa that will permit you entry to any of the countries covered by the Schengen agreement, you will need travel insurance covering you for medical and repatriation expenses up to €30,000 that is valid in all 27 Schengen countries for the entirety of your stay. To prove you have this you will be required to present a certificate outlining your insurance purchase.

As the number one brand for Schengen travel insurance, AXA makes it as easy as possible to obtain this certificate when you buy one of our policies, so you can get on with your Schengen Visa application. Upon purchasing a policy you will be able to download and print an insurance certificate you can provide to authorities when you attend an application interview at an embassy, consulate, or visa application center.

Where can I get my travel insurance certificate?

You will receive your travel insurance certificate once you have purchased your insurance policy. You can obtain your quotes and purchase insurance here.

What are my options?

Low Cost

For those on a tighter budget or who want basic coverage, AXA provides Low Cost Schengen travel insurance that will meet your visa requirements from as little as €22 per week. 

Europe Travel

As the number one brand for Schengen Visa travel insurance, AXA also offers other options and tailor-made products. For instance, there’s the Europe Travel insurance, costing €33 per week. It’s perfect for those traveling with family as it covers children under the age of 18, or for those planning more adventurous activities during their trip, as it covers expenses up to €100,000. With this type of policy, you may also be covered for loss of documents or important items, as well as other problems you might encounter, including search and rescue costs up to €5,000. You are also covered for emergency communications and assistance for the injured party.

Multi Trip

Schengen Multi Trip insurance, perfect for regular travelers, is available for €328 for a year’s coverage and has the same benefits as Europe Travel but can be used throughout a year on multiple trips. It’s perfect for business travelers who need comprehensive coverage to ensure their trips aren’t disrupted by any mishaps.

All of AXA’s travel insurance plans offer you peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy certain guarantees in the event of hospitalization, assistance for solo travelers, an extension of your stay, daily compensation, and much more. You can find out more when you get your quote and check out the warranties available with your chosen policy.

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Frequently asked questions about getting a travel insurance certificate

Does my Schengen travel insurance certificate guarantee I will receive a Schengen Visa?

No. Officials from the country may refuse your application for other reasons. Obtaining travel and medical insurance is mandatory when applying for your visa but it does not guarantee success.

Will my travel insurance certificate be accepted by the embassies of all Schengen states?

Yes. As a respected insurance provider for travel to the Schengen Area- your certificate will be accepted as valid by all Schengen states.

I lose my travel insurance certificate: what happens?

Taking out insurance will enable you to register for an AXA account- from which you’ll have easy access to your documents. As you will receive your certificate in a downloadable form- you can also store it on your computer.