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Europe travel insurance for Schengen visa

AXA Europe Travel

From 1,50 € / day

  • Up to 100 000 € coverage  in medical expenses
  • Repatriation
  • 24H asssistance
  • Up to 180 days of coverage
  • All Schengen and E.U countries
  • Certificate issued immediately and approved by the embassies 

Europe Travel,  the travel insurance for Europe

Europe Travel, AXA Schengen travel insurance offers extensive protection, covering medical expenses up to 100,000 € in the Schengen area, in E.U. countries which are not part of the Schengen area, as well as Liechtenstein, San Marin, Andorra, Monaco and Vatican. It also allows you to obtain the travel insurance certificate required with your Schengen visa application. 

Europe Travel insurance: 

  • guarantees a coverage of up to 100,000 € (about 111, 000 USD)
  • covers travellers for up to 180 days in the following countries
  • + EU countries which are not part of the Schengen area: BulgariaCyprusCroatiaIrelandRomania,
    • as well as San Marin, Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican.
  • bears the expenses linked to emergency medical care**, hospitalisation**, sanitary repatriation** or death**
  • offers the refund of your subscribed travel insurance if your Schengen visa application is denied (under certain conditions).

Do you cover emergency medical costs related to Coronavirus? 

We will cover your medical costs related to Coronavirus provided you haven't travelled against World Health Organisation or any other government body’s advice in your home country or the country you are travelling to) or medical advice.


The embassy states that I must get an insurance certificate with Covid protection. Is this possible?

All issued electronic certificates purchased on the axa-schengen site include this disclaimer: “Medical fees related to COVID-19 are covered in the terms, conditions & exclusions established in the insurance policy”.


Travel insurance for the European Union and the Schengen area

If you wish to travel to Europe and you do not yet know the details of your itinerary, our AXA Europe Travel insurance is the best choice for you as it will give you the possibility to continue your journey if you decide to visit Ireland for example. 

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Will AXA Schengen travel insurance be accepted with my visa application?

Yes ! For over 10 years AXA has been delivering insurance certificates which meet EU countries’ requirements to obtain a Schengen visa.


 Is the digital travel insurance certificate valid to submit my visa application? 

Yes. All you have to do is print it and enclose it with your visa application file. 

Each AXA Schengen insurance policy is individualized and bears a number which is verifiable on our website. 


I don’t need a Schengen visa to visit Europe. Can I still purchase your insurance to cover my possible health expenses?

As the saying goes "Better safe than sorry". If the Schengen travel insurance is not mandatory for some travellers, the troubles they might face are still very real! A broken wrist, consequence of an adventurous scooter ride on the Paris Grands Boulevards, an infected angina following a trek in the Alps... It can happen to anyone! We thus strongly recommend that you subscribe to our insurance for travellers visiting Europe to make sure your trip is as safe and peaceful as possible


Do you cover emergency medical costs related to Coronavirus? 

We will cover your medical costs related to Coronavirus provided you haven't travelled against World Health Organisation or any other government body’s advice in your home country or the country you are travelling to or medical advice.


How much does Europe Travel, AXA Schengen visa travel insurance cost?

Great news ! Our travel insurance which will allow you to enjoy a peaceful visit to Europe is cheap. For a one week stay, it starts at €30 ($33). 


How many days will I be covered by my travel insurance?

Europe Travel insurance covers travellers for up to 180 days (around 6 months).  Our Mult Trip insurance covers travellers in Europe for stays of  90 days (3 months) during 1 year


The Schengen Europe travel insurance, an extensive coverage

You are not quite sure of your European itinerary but you need to be covered everywhere, wherever your travels take you for business or pleasure ? AXA Europe Travel is the Europe visa insurance you need to stay anywhere in the Schengen area as well as in any country of the European Union. 

After subscribing to your Europe Travel insurance on line, you will receive a certificate by email. You must enclose it with your Schengen visa application: it meets all the requirements of the countries of the Schengen area.

It offers the basic warranties required for your medical and repatriation expense coverage. If you do not provide this travel insurance certificate, your application will not be examined and your visa request will be denied. 


Warranties of Europe Travel, AXA’s travel insurance for Europe 

Europe Travel also offers 4 essential advantages: 

  • Immediate coverage. Your insurance covers you from the first day you need it.
  • No age restriction
  • No price variation because of nationality or age
  • No health questionnaire

If your Schengen visa application is denied, you can ask for your Europe Travel insurance to be refunded. 

** Before paying any medical expenses, travellers must first contact AXA Assistance medical service. 

This insurance does not cover the country of residence

Ready to subscribe?


Features at Glance

  • Schengen and U.E. countries covered

  • AXA #1 Global Insurance Brand

  • Extended protection

    (children, urgent messages, communication, theft, papers, search & rescue costs)

  • Meets all visas requirements from the European regulation

  • Medical expenses covered up to 100.000€

  • Assistance 24 / 7 - Emergency helpline

Cover details

Emergency Medical Expenses
Repatriation to country of residence
Emergency medical care
Assistance in case of death
Countries covered*** Schengen area, European Union, Liechtenstein, San-Marino, Andorra and Monaco.