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Schengen Visa Insurance

Travel safe in Europe

The AXA Schengen Europe Travel Insurance offers an extended coverage wherever you travel in the Schengen area or in the wider EU region. It also provides the mandatory insurance certificate needed for a Schengen visa. The countries covered include the Schengen area and all European Union countries (UK, Ireland included) +  Lichtenstein, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and Vatican City. This insurance plan is for travellers expecting a comprehensive protection. Medical expenses, emergency hospitalisation and repatriation are covered up to 100,000€. Europe Travel Insurance will also assist you in case of hospitalisation or death, cover your children, communication & papers. Relax and enjoy your stay in Europe!

Features at a glance

  • UK, Ireland + Schengen countries covered

  • AXA #1 Global Insurance Brand

  • Extended protection

    (children, urgent messages, communication, theft, papers, search & rescue costs)

  • Meets all requirements from the European regulation

  • Medical expenses covered up to 100.000€

  • Assistance 24 / 7 - Emergency helpline

Cover details

Emergency Medical Expenses Max 100.000 Euros
Repatriation to country of residence
Emergency medical care
Assistance in case of death
Countries coveredSchengen area, European Union, Liechtenstein, San Marino,the Principalities of Andorra and Monaco.