Europe Travel Insurance COVID

Our travel insurance policies have an exclusion which prevents you for claiming for any circumstances known prior to purchasing a policy or booking a trip which may cause a claim. Late on 11th March 2020 the World Health Organisation confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) has reached pandemic status. Therefore, it is reasonably foreseeable that it may give rise to a claim.

Does AXA’s Schengen insurance cover medical fees related to COVID-19?

Yes, we cover your medical fees related to the Coronavirus as long as you have respected medical advice and the travel recommendations provided by the World Health Organization or any other similar organization from your country of residence or from the country you are traveling to.

Can I extend my Schengen insurance policy when it expires?

The contract cannot be renewed if the policyholder does not exit the SCHENGEN area.
If it is impossible for you to go back to your country of residence when the insurance contract expires, you can, exceptionally, renew your SCHENGEN insurance contract as long as these conditions are met:

  • You will have to send us proof that it is impossible for you to return to your country of residence, by any means, because of exceptional and unexpected circumstances. A flight return cancelation will not be considered a legitimate proof of this impossibility if another flight company offers an alternative flight to your country of residence before or on the day your contract expires.
  • The renewal can be made only for a maximum duration of six months in total.
  • The renewal has to be requested before the expiration date of the original policy.
  • No refund can be requested on the extended contract.

Thank you,

The AXA Assistance Team