What are the different warranties of Schengen insurance?

What do I need to check when booking my insurance?

When taking out a travel insurance policy, it is always important to check its warranties and limits - both so you know that you are choosing the right travel and medical insurance for you, and so there are not any nasty surprises after you try and make a claim. The most basic check to make, should you need a Schengen Visa, is that it meets the minimum requirements needed to obtain your visa - that it is valid for all 27 Schengen states and covers you for expenses up to €30,000.

AXA has a variety of different Schengen travel insurance policies, tailored for different budgets, trips, and depending on what coverage you would like - all with different levels of warranty and limits on claims.

Our cheapest option is the Low Cost Schengen Area travel insurance that meets your visa requirements from as little as €22 per week - a fee that will cover you for medical expenses up to €30,000 in all Schengen countries. A certificate proving you are insured will be available immediately, meaning you can get on with your application.

Other coverage available includes our Europe Travel insurance, costing €33 per week, or Schengen Multi Trip insurance, which is perfect for regular travelers and available for €328 for a year’s coverage. These offer greater warranties and fewer limits on claims, and for lost documents, important items or other problems you may encounter on your trips.

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Do you cover emergency medical costs related to Coronavirus? 

We will cover your medical costs related to Coronavirus provided you haven't travelled against World Health Organisation or any other government body’s advice in your home country or the country you are travelling to) or medical advice.


The embassy states that I must get an insurance certificate with Covid protection. Is this possible?

All issued electronic certificates purchased on the axa-schengen site include this disclaimer: “Medical fees related to COVID-19 are covered in the terms, conditions & exclusions established in the insurance policy”.

All our policies cover repatriation and medical expenses, however, as AXA Assistance has developed a policy for these, which meets all the requirements of the European Union for obtaining a Schengen visa - the details are below:



Warranties and limitsSchengen Low CostSchengen Europe TravelSchengen Multi Trip




Duration of the insurance contractUp to 180 consecutive daysUp to 180 consecutive days90 consecutive days
Countries and geographical area coveredSchengen area,Schengen area, European Union,  U.K.Schengen area, European Union,  U.K.
Medical Expenses, emergency hospitalization and repatriationmax 30.000 €max 100.000 €max 100.000 €
Medical teleconsultation 24/7YesYesYes
In case of repatriation of the insured:
Early repatriation of the other insured parties accompanying the victim and return of luggage to the country of residenceBaggage onlyYesYes
In case of hospitalisation:
Assistance for the insured party travelling alone (hotel for a friend or relative)-max 750 €max 750 €
Prolongation of the insured party’s sojourn-max 750 €max 750 €
Daily compensation-max 500 €max 500 €
Return after the date initially envisaged   
In case of death:
Repatriation of the remains and burialYesYesYes
Assistance with formalitiesyesYesYes
Early repatriation of the other insured parties and luggageBaggage onlyyesyes
Sending urgent messages-YesYes
Payment of communication expenses-max 100 €max 100 €
Theft of ID or travel documents, costs of transportation-max 100 €max 100 €
Search and Rescue Costs -max 5,000 €max 5,000 €
Early return of an insured - Yes Yes
Sending essential medecines, glasses, contact lenses and protheses - Yes Yes
Excess on medical treatmentNoNoNo
Pricefrom 22 € /weekfrom 33 € /week328 € /year
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 General conditionsGeneral conditionsGeneral conditions
 Insurance Product sheetInsurance Product sheetInsurance Product sheet



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Frequently asked questions about Schengen insurance warranties


Will my travel insurance cover repatriation if I get injured?

Yes. AXA’s insurance will cover your repatriation in case of injury or illness- if necessary and if within the limits of expenses.

Will my travel insurance warranties be invalidated if information is incorrectly given when purchasing?

Yes. All the information you give us must be accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief and it’s your responsibility to make sure that it’s updated if it changes. If it is not your policy may be canceled or - in extreme deliberate cases - investigated for fraud.

Will my warranties still be valid if I need to claim while outside of the Schengen Area?

No. Unless you are in a European Union state covered by AXA’s Europe Travel or Multi Trip policies. Being outside the countries stated as being covered by your policy will invalidate your claim.