Do you need a visa for the Czech Republic?

Travelers will need a Visa for Czech Republic if they are a citizen of a non-Schengen country without a visa-free travel agreement with the area.

Citizens from the U.K., the U.S.A., Australia or Canada do not require an entry visa for for short stays (up to 90 days in any 180-day period in the whole Schengen Area).

If you are living in another country, you can check here: Do I need to apply for a Schengen visa  the overview of visa provisions according to nationality.

These short-stay visas can be for business or tourism purposes, as well as family and short study visits, or for medical reasons.

Is the Czech Republic part of the Schengen area?

Yes, the Czech Republic is the part of the Schengen area. The 27 Schengen countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

More information on the Schengen area.

How much will my Schengen Visa to the Czech Republic cost?

You must pay administration fees (related to the administrative processing of the request). The amount of the fees must be paid to the visa service when submitting the application: either online if you have made a pre-application via an internet platform or with the service with which you submitted your file.
The fees are not reimbursed in the event of visa refusal.
The price of the Schengen Visa varies according to the age of the person concerned:

  • Adult: €80 
  • Child from 12 to 18 years old: €80
  • Child from 6 to less than 12 years old: €40
  • Children less than 6 years: free

Certain external service providers mandated by the Czech consular authorities may charge service fees. They are not refundable even in case of refusal of visa application.

How do I apply for a Schengen Visa to the Czech Republic?

The next stage of applying for your visa is to book an appointment, and gather your supporting documents:

  • Passport: 
    • has been issued in the past ten years (i.e. it may not be older than ten years even if it continues to be valid after its extension),
    • continues to be valid at least three months after the intended departure from the Czech Republic / Schengen Area,
    • contains at least two empty pages
  • Application form: you can download it here
  • Photo:
    • size 35 x 45 mm
    • current appearance
    • full-face view
    • height from the eyes to the bottom of the chin at least 13 mm
    • no sunglasses (except for the blind) and no head cover (except for religious or health reasons – in such cases the head cover must not prevent applicant´s identification)
  • Biometric data (fingerprints):
    • Fingerprints are submitted when filing a visa application.
    • Tu submit fingerprints, the applicant needs to appear in person.
    • Once the fingerprints have been collected, the applicant is not required to submit them for the next 59 months.  They can be resubmitted, however, in case of uncertainty.
    • Children younger than 12 years are exempt from the fingerprints requirement.
    • Biometric data (fingerprints) are collected when processing visa applications at all diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic and of other states of the Schengen Area.
  • Supporting documents on
    • purpose of stay (for example invitation, travel agency voucher, trip reservation, itinerary etc.)
    • accommodation: documents relating to accommodation can include a hotel bookinghotel voucherspa voucherprivate invitation with name and address of the inviting person and visit dates, official invitation issued by the Alien Policeundertaking of an inviting party to provide accommodation etc.
    • financial means: for a stay of 30 days and less, the applicant is required to possess at least 1,370 CZK* per day (reflecting the existential minimum, which is set at 2,740 CZK per day – half of this amount is required for the visa purposes).
    • proof of return – information allowing assessment of applicant’s intention to return (most commonly air or other ticket reservation) 
  • Travel medical insurance: the insurance must be valid throughout the entire Schengen Area and cover the entire period of stay (transit). The minimum coverage must be EUR 30,000.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affaires

Where do I go to apply for a Czech Visa?

You will need to apply to the Czech embassy or consulate in your country of residence, or a visa application center acting on the nation’s behalf. In many countries - including India - the Czech embassy has outsourced the initial processing of visas to the firm VFS Global and its application centers. You can apply there and track your application via the company’s website.

Applications are generally lodged in person and biometric data (fingerprints) are collected.

Children younger than 12 do not submit fingerprints and therefore do not need to visit the consulate. Children between 12 and 15 need to come accompanied by their parents / legal guardians who lodge visa applications on their behalf.

Schengen visa applications can be submitted six months at the earliest and 15 days at the latest ahead of the trip. 


We are doing our best to provide you the most reliable and updated information possible but rules and regulations concerning visas can be modified at all times by the consulate of your country if circumstances require it. Consequently, we can not be held accountable for these changes. 
Please contact the Czech Embassy to obtain the specific terms and conditions in effect at the moment of the submission of your visa application. 

Can I use my Schengen Visa to enter another country?

According to the Schengen rules, yes. The Schengen Visa is generally valid for all the countries in the Schengen Area for trips of up to 90 days. This applies to your entire trip - so 90 days in total rather than 90 days in each country.

Why choose AXA Schengen Insurance?

Those traveling to the Schengen Area, including the Czech Republic, need travel cover. AXA’s Low Cost Travel Insurance costs just €22 ($24) per week of your trip and will meet your visa requirements, while the AXA Schengen Europe Travel Insurance offers extended coverage up to costs of €100,000. Those seeking a multiple-entry visa can purchase the Multi Trip insurance from €328 per year, which again covers you for expenses up to €100,000.

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Frequently asked questions about getting a Czech Republic Schengen Visa

Can I travel to the Czech Republic with a Schengen Visa?

Yes. You can enter the Czech Republic if you possess a Schengen Visa as it is a Schengen member country.

Do I need a Schengen Visa for Prague?

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic (Czechia) and therefore if you need a Schengen Visa for the Schengen Area -  you will need one to visit Prague.

Is a Czech visa easy to get?

Those applying for a short-term visa to the Czech Republic have a 95.3 percent chance of acceptance - so it should not be much of a problem. Neighboring Slovakia - however - has an even higher rate of acceptance.