Health insurance for Schengen visa, what is it?

You are travelling to one of the 27 countries belonging to the Schengen area. In order to do so, you will need a Schengen visa. Among the mandatory documents required with your visa application, you will be asked for a health insurance for Schengen visa certificate. What exactly does this refer to?

What is a travel health insurance certificate?

A travel health insurance certificate (or medical insurance for Schengen visa certificate) is a MANDATORY document which proves that you have subscribed to a health insurance accepted by the authorities of the Schengen country you are about to visit.

Do I need health insurance when applying for a Schengen Visa?

Yes. If you are from a country that does not have a visa-free travel arrangement with the Schengen Area of European countries, then you will need to obtain travel and medical insurance in order to obtain your visa. This is to ensure the costs of any treatment for injury or illness are covered should you require any during your trip to any of the 27 Schengen states.

What kind of health insurance do I need for a Schengen Visa?

Those who need a short-stay Schengen Visa need health insurance that covers every Schengen Area nation (even countries you have no plans to visit) and will reimburse you for the costs of accidents, illnesses, and emergency treatment, and repatriation in case of death, for costs up to a minimum of €30,000.

Depending on your travel and insurance policy, in addition to all medical costs incurred should you need hospital or any medical treatment, some policies cover search and rescue costs, the sending over of medicines, as well as cover, should your stay be prolonged or a relative need to stay with you to provide support.

If I do not need a Schengen Visa, should I still get travel and health insurance?

It is recommended, yes. Even if you are covered for medical insurance due to a reciprocal agreement between your country and a member of the Schengen Area, insurance can cover you for your repatriation or the loss of important documents or items.

How can I get travel health insurance for my Schengen Visa?

When obtaining travel and medical insurance you should purchase it from a trusted provider of Schengen Visa travel and health insurance. AXA is the number one brand in Europe. This is important as it will ensure your policy meets all the specifications required to obtain a Schengen Visa. Upon purchasing your insurance, you will also receive a certificate, which can be instantly downloaded, to provide to visa officials.

Why is medical insurance mandatory to obtain a Schengen visa?

Travel health insurance covers the medical expenses you may have during your travels to the Schengen area. It guarantees that you will have no trouble paying for medical costs or even emergency repatriation. Even if it is an obligation, it is first and foremost a guarantee for you not to end up in a complicated situation, financial or other, giving you peace of mind during your trip whether it be for business or pleasure.

What are the mandatory requirements of a medical insurance for Schengen visa?

When you subscribe for a travel medical insurance make sure it meets the requirements of the authorities of the Schengen countries you wish to visit. Otherwise your Schengen visa will not be granted.

Your Schengen medical insurance must:

  • guarantee a coverage of minimum 30.000€ (approx.33.000$)
  • be valid in all countries part of the Schengen area even if you do not intend on visiting them.
  • cover the possible expenses linked to emergency medical care, emergency hospital treatment, sanitary repatriation or in case of death
  • be valid for the entire duration of your stay

Show can I obtain my health insurance Schengen visa certificate?

When you subscribe to an AXA Schengen insurance, your certificate will be sent to you by email immediately after your online subscription. All you need to do is print the certificate and enclose it with your Schengen visa application form. Each AXA Schengen insurance is individualized and bears a number which is verifiable on our website.

Why choose AXA’s Schengen visa travel insurance?

The cheapest option AXA provides is the Low Cost Schengen Area travel insurance that meets your visa requirements from as little as €22 per week - a fee that will cover you for medical expenses up to €30,000 in all Schengen countries - meeting your visa requirements. This can cover you for up to 180 days and will cover you for medical emergencies and illness, as well as repatriation, should it be required.

Other coverage available includes our Europe Travel insurance, costing €33 per week, or Schengen Multi Trip insurance, which is perfect for regular travelers and available for €328 for a year’s coverage. These offer greater warranties and fewer limits on claims, meaning they can provide coverage for children under 18, and for lost documents, important items, or other problems you may encounter on your trips. In relation to medical expenses, the greater coverage you receive from these policies includes cover for up to €100,000 of medical expenses, €5,000 for search and rescue costs, the sending of emergency medicines from home, as well as the assistance of up to €750 if you are hospitalized and need to prolong your stay, or a loved one needs to come and assist you.

What are the different types of AXA Schengen medical insurances and how much do they cost?

AXA offers different types of travel insurance for the Schengen area with different levels of warranty and limits on claims. All cover the basic requirements to travel to the Schengen area. Your choice will depend on your budget, how often you travel, if you are travelling with your family and what coverage you would like.

  • the Low-Cost Schengen Area travel insurance: at 22€ per week this insurance is the cheapest covering all your Schengen visa requirements.
  • Europe Travel Insurance: at 33€ per week, this insurance covers medical expenses up to 100,000€
  • the Multi-Trip insurance: at 328€ a year, it is perfect for frequent travellers who visit the Schengen area several times a year.

Can I subscribe to AXA’s travel insurance even if I don’t need a Schengen visa?

Of course. One never knows what can happen during a trip and the better you are covered for possible medical emergencies, the more peace of mind you will enjoy during your travels.
From benign illnesses to more serious situations, AXA’s travel health insurance will assist you 24/7, guide you in your endeavours and cover your costs.

What should I do if something happens to me during my trip in the Schengen area?

In case of medical emergency, you must contact the AXA Schengen call center, at the number provided on your insurance policy. They will help, guide and assist you 24/7 wherever you are.
Medical assistance professionals will answer your questions and advise you 24/7 to help you find the medical centre best suited to your situation and the closest to your location.
Your emergency medical expenses will be covered, and you will have nothing to pay. However, if for any reason, you happened to pay for an expense which is covered by your insurance, you can ask for its refund through AXA’s online request form.
Therefore, it is important to keep invoices and medical bills as you might need to enclose them with your request.

Frequently asked questions about health insurance for a Schengen Visa

Is there anything else that could affect the cost of my travel and medical insurance?

In addition to pre-existing conditions, taking part in sports or activities that pose a high risk may affect the cost of your cover, as will travel to dangerous areas - luckily, the Schengen zone is generally one of the most peaceful and stable parts of the world.

Will my travel insurance cover repatriation if I get injured?

Yes. AXA’s insurance will cover your repatriation in case of injury or illness, if necessary and within the limits of expenses.

Will my travel insurance warranties be invalidated if I give incorrect information when purchasing it?

Yes. All the information you give us must be accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief. If it is not, your policy may be canceled or, in extreme deliberate cases, investigated for fraud. If your information changes or you notice an error, it’s your responsibility to make sure you update it - you can adjust it quickly online via your AXA Account.


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