How to get Schengen Visa

Check if you need a visa (see the list of countries).
Your visa will be supplied by the country through which you enter the Schengen area.
In addition to your visa application, you need to present a number of documents to the embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting in the Schengen area.

The documents required are:

Your Schengen visa application form

  • Use the standard Schengen visa application form.
  • Submit the required number of copies.

When you take out an AXA Schengen travel insurance policy, you will be given an insurance certificate. This is a personal document that you must print out and send to the consulate.



Your passport must be valid for three months after the expiry date of the visa you are applying for.


Purpose of visit

You must submit documents stating not only the purpose of your trip but the conditions in which you are travelling as well.

Means of transport: for example, a return air ticket, proof of transport by car, train, etc.
The purpose of your trip: this might simply be proof of reservation of a tourist trip. But it might also be an invitation from one of your friends or relatives…
The money needed for your trip: you must demonstrate that you have the requisite financial resources to cover your needs throughout your trip. Requirements may differ from country to country in the Schengen area, so please check with the embassies and consulates of the countries concerned for details of those requirements.
The conditions in which you will be accommodated during your trip – a hotel reservation, for example. In some cases, additional information may be requested by the authorities of the countries concerned.

Those questions will be set out in the visa application form. Don’t forget to provide the proofs with the application form.


Schengen travel insurance

To obtain a visa, you will need travel insurance to cover the costs of repatriation and emergency medical expenses worth at least €30,000. The AXA Schengen insurance policy meets the requirements for obtaining a Schengen visa. The insurance certificate must be presented at the time of delivery of the visa.

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Accepted mean of payment :

AXA Schengen takes security of payments very seriously. We selected means of payment that provide a maximum of security for our customers.