How will Brexit being finalized affect students on the Erasmus scheme?

On 31 December 2020, the U.K. transition period ended and new trading and political arrangements between Britain and the European Union (EU) came into force. One effect of this is the end of the U.K.’s participation in the Erasmus student exchange program that allowed thousands of students from universities across the EU and other participating countries to complete a portion of their studies at institutions in other member states.


What you need to know about the new ETIAS system

There are 62 countries not in the European Union (EU) or Schengen Zone whose citizens can enter without needing a visa, and can travel visa-free for up to 90 days for purposes other than to work or study. From 2022 they will need to apply via the new ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) system which replaces existing visa waiver arrangements.


I’ve finished studying in the Schengen Area on a visa that expires soon, what visa do I need to stay on to work?

If I already live in a Schengen Area country, how do I renew my visa?

I'm not a citizen of a Schengen country and I want to visit my partner who lives there, how can I do this ?

You will likely need to apply for a Schengen Visa - unless your home state has a visa-free travel arrangement with the European Schengen states.


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What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is any sickness, disease, or medical condition requiring medical treatment which was known by the insured party and diagnosed before they purchased their travel insurance. You need to disclose these to your insurer before taking out your policy as they may affect your premium. Failing to disclose this information may mean you are unable to make a claim.


I'm not a citizen from a Schengen country and I want to visit my partner who lives in a Schengen country, how can I do this?

I finished studying in a Schengen country and my student Schengen Visa will soon expire, which visa do I need to stay there and work?

Getting a visa to visit loved ones in the Schengen Area

I live in the U.K., will Brexit mean I need to apply for a visa to visit the Schengen Area?

Although Britain formally left the European Union in January 2020, it is still in a transitional phase until January 2021, with elements of its future relationship still to be decided. However, important provisions regarding travel to the Schengen Area have been outlined. During the transition, Brits maintain the movement rights they held as a member of the European Union - with changes taking place after exit in 2021.

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