How to buy a Schengen Travel Insurance?

Meet Pryan, an Indian traveller visiting the Schengen area 

The AXA Schengen team decided to create a dedicated video in order to explain and better show the coverage available.

The video will explain the following:

  1. If you need Schengen visa or not
  2. How to buy Schengen travel insurance online

Priyan our travel character will explain to you step by step how to buy your Schengen insurance safely. He traveled to Paris to visit his uncle for the first time with complete peace of mind.  Discover his story and make sure you are well insured for your next trip.

Priyan, 32 years old, is Indian and traveling to Paris to visit his uncle for the first time. He is quite excited about going to Europe but a bit concerned about all these visa process and paperwork too.

Thankfully, he discovers the Axa-Schengen.com website that will make all the steps easier. 

Without having the hassle to queue for hours, in just a few clicks, he is able to check online, whether he needs avisaor not based on his nationality and the country he is going to.
He can even access it on the go through his smartphone.

3 type of Schengen insurance will then be offered to him based on his needs:

He simply chooses the insurance he needs, fills the online form and receives immediately by email the insurance certificate.

He is only one step away from getting his visa! He then goes straight to the Embassy to apply for his Schengen visa.

Priyan is now waiting for his visa to be processed but whatever happens, he knows he can change his dates anytime on the AXA schengen website and even more, in case of visa rejection, he will be totally reimbursed.

After few days, Priyan finally got his visa approved. He is now ready to travel with peace of mind!

Additionally, remember that you can rely on our Guardian Angel from 8am until 8pm directly through the chat available on AXA Schengen website.

Thank you for your trust & confidence.

Travelling to Europe for holidays or for work? Buy an AXA Schengen Travel insurance online and get the Schengen visa Insurance certificate immediately. It is accepted in all the Consulates and Embassies of Schengen area. From 22€/week

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